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Sunday, September 18, 2016, 3:00 pm

Dr. Robert Toplin

Location: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church,
717 Rugby Rd., Charlottesville


Herbert Hoover’s reputation for presidential leadership during the Great Depression is not very good, but it is interesting to remember that Hoover achieved national and international fame during and after World War I. President Woodrow Wilson appointed him as the director of food relief for starving Belgians. Then he became responsible for aiding millions of other people in war-torn regions. His keen administrative efforts saved thousands and perhaps millions of lives during and after the First World War. Following Hoover’s splendid service to mankind, a young leader in the Democratic Party, Franklin D. Roosevelt, called Hoover a brilliant leader and expressed hope that he might run for President on the Democratic ticket.

Bob ToplinHow did Hoover organize food relief so effectively? Does his story offer insights for dealing with the present global crisis, such as the hunger and desperation of displaced Syrians, Iraqis, and others? Bob Toplin, a retired professor and the author of several books, will examine this more positive story about Herbert Hoover’s place in history.

Hear about the 2017 Inter-Generational Model UN at the September 18 meeting! Jaina Mehta, Secretary General of VIGMUN III, the Third Annual Inter-Generational Model United Nations, will present plans for the early spring, 2017, event which needs delegates from our senior community, the schools, and the University of Virginia Please call (434-409-0264) or e-mail Susan Roberts for more information.

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